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Fractional Management Services

Unlock the full potential of your business endeavors in Colombia with our Fractional Management Services. Tailored for foreign small to medium businesses, we offer comprehensive support to streamline your entry and expansion in the Colombian market.


Management Simplified

Wondering what Fractional Management means? Think of it as having a part-time executive on board. Instead of hiring a full-time team, you get access to experienced professionals who manage specific aspects of your business as needed.

This approach is cost-effective, flexible, and ideal for companies exploring new markets like Colombia. It’s about getting expert guidance and management services, fractionally or ‘as required’, without the commitment of a full-time executive team.

Our Fractional Management Services encompass


Tax and Accounting Management

Managing tax obligations and accounting processes to maintain financial health and compliance.


Legal Management

Managing law obligations such as shareholders books, assemblies, contracts, memos, government requirements, among others.


Human Resources Management

Overseeing HR practices, from recruitment to compliance with local employment laws.


Resident Agent Services

Providing legal representative services for foreigners who will not be in Colombia all the time and may need someone to be able to sign certain documents or act on their behalf.


How It Works



Understanding your business needs and goals.


Customized Plan

Creating a tailored quote for your specific needs depending if you need help.



Signing the Engagement Letter.



Paying the first retainer.



Assisting in the execution of the plan.


Ongoing Support

Providing continuous guidance and support as your business grows.

Success Stories

Amit Chogle
Amit Chogle
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Mónica was professional and thorough, guiding us smoothly through our first property purchase in Medellin, from brokerage setups to legal paperwork.
Thomas F. Mullaghy
Thomas F. Mullaghy
Read More
Outstanding job focusing precisely on what I wanted, aligning property showings with my schedule, and flawlessly navigating the Colombian real estate process.
Jeffrey Michael Fell
Jeffrey Michael Fell
Read More
Monica has been more like a friend, assisting in every phase of my new construction purchase from the U.S., offering trust and invaluable support.
Kerry Keyes
Kerry Keyes
Read More
Monica's dedication and honesty during my property search in Medellin were exceptional. She prioritized my best interests, proving her commitment to client satisfaction.
Fabio Andrade
Fabio Andrade
Read More
Monica expertly guided me through purchasing property in Medellin, providing extensive local knowledge and exceptional communication.
Robert Sylvester
Robert Sylvester
Read More
Monica made buying a home abroad straightforward and reassuring. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive, she provided comprehensive support throughout.
Adrian and Marcela Beales
Adrian and Marcela Beales
Read More
Yellowkey Capital provided invaluable legal support for our insurance company in Colombia. From contract negotiations to compliance, their expertise ensured smooth operations.
Michael and Amy Terry
Michael and Amy Terry
Read More
Before connecting with Monica, we struggled to start operations in Colombia. YKC helped build our software team and set up our back office. Monica's support lets us focus on growth.

FAQs on Fractional Management

What is fractional management and how does it work in Colombia?

Fractional management involves hiring a part-time executive who provides strategic leadership and expertise to multiple businesses, making professional management more affordable.

Who can benefit from fractional management services?

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or startups that need experienced management but cannot afford or do not need a full-time executive.

What are the typical costs associated with fractional management?

Costs vary based on the executive’s experience and the scope of their role but are significantly lower than hiring a full-time senior executive.

How does fractional management differ from traditional business management?

Unlike traditional full-time roles, fractional managers work on a part-time or contractual basis, focusing on strategic initiatives and high-impact decisions.

Can fractional management be customized for different types of businesses?

Yes, the scope and responsibilities of fractional managers can be tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of different businesses.

What types of fractional management services does YellowKey Capital offer?

We offer fractional management services in Accounting, Finance, Taxes, Legal, and Human Resources, tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises.

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