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At YellowKey Capital, we specialize in guiding international clients through the process of buying and investing in Colombian real estate. Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or a new home, we’re here to make your real estate journey seamless and successful.


Partnered with the Best: Primavera Realty Medellin

We are proud to partner with Primavera Realty Medellin, one of the premier real estate agencies focusing on the foreign market. With listings in English and a deep understanding of the needs of international buyers, Primavera Realty Medellin complements our services with their expertise in the Medellin real estate market.

Our Real Estate Sales Services include


Purchase Process Guidance

Guide in how to purchase a property in Medellin, from how to bring the funds legally, the legal requirements for your investment.


Property Selection

A wide range of properties to match your specific needs and preferences.


Post-Purchase Support

Assistance with property management and other post-purchase needs.


How It Works



Understanding your business needs and goals.


Process to

Explaining the full process to purchase a property in Medellin with all the requirements.


Property Shortlisting

Presenting a curated list of properties that meet your criteria.


Site Visits and

Arranging visits to shortlisted properties and assisting in the final selection.



Guiding you through the negotiation, legal procedures, and finalizing the deal.

Success Stories

Amit Chogle
Amit Chogle
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Mónica was professional and thorough, guiding us smoothly through our first property purchase in Medellin, from brokerage setups to legal paperwork.
Thomas F. Mullaghy
Thomas F. Mullaghy
Read More
Outstanding job focusing precisely on what I wanted, aligning property showings with my schedule, and flawlessly navigating the Colombian real estate process.
Jeffrey Michael Fell
Jeffrey Michael Fell
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Monica has been more like a friend, assisting in every phase of my new construction purchase from the U.S., offering trust and invaluable support.
Kerry Keyes
Kerry Keyes
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Monica's dedication and honesty during my property search in Medellin were exceptional. She prioritized my best interests, proving her commitment to client satisfaction.
Fabio Andrade
Fabio Andrade
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Monica expertly guided me through purchasing property in Medellin, providing extensive local knowledge and exceptional communication.
Robert Sylvester
Robert Sylvester
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Monica made buying a home abroad straightforward and reassuring. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive, she provided comprehensive support throughout.
Adrian and Marcela Beales
Adrian and Marcela Beales
Read More
Yellowkey Capital provided invaluable legal support for our insurance company in Colombia. From contract negotiations to compliance, their expertise ensured smooth operations.
Michael and Amy Terry
Michael and Amy Terry
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Before connecting with Monica, we struggled to start operations in Colombia. YKC helped build our software team and set up our back office. Monica's support lets us focus on growth.

FAQs on Real Estate Sales

Key steps in buying property in Medellín?

Identify the property, conduct due diligence, sign a pre-sale agreement, make a deposit, and complete the sale with a public deed transfer at a notary. Note, there is no MLS in Colombia; listings are non-exclusive and there are no public databases.

Engaging with an expert lawyer is crucial to ensure the property has no existing liens or other issues. Ensure that funds for purchasing the property are properly registered with the central bank to facilitate future repatriation.

How can I finance a property purchase in Medellín?

Financing options are available through local banks for residents, while foreigners might need to provide a larger down payment or seek financing from international sources.

Tax implications of owning property in Colombia?

Owners must pay property tax annually. If you become a tax resident, you may face additional taxes. Capital gains tax is also applicable on the sale.

How does YellowKey Capital assist in the real estate buying process?

We provide guidance through each step, from property selection to legal checks and the final transaction, ensuring a smooth and secure purchase.

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